Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google Adsense - Make More From Adsense Now!

Make More Money From Adsense Now!

Google Adsense is a really great way to generate money online, and more people are starting to realize that.

It is a simple as putting ads on a website and driving traffic to it, right?

Well, some people make thousands of dollars a month and some people make about thirty cents a day. Probably more people are closer to the thirty cents mark. These people are left wondering how to make more money from Adsense.

Well wonder no longer because I am hear to help with the most crucial facts about Adsense to help make more money from Adsense now.

How To Find A Profitable Niche!

Lots of $$$ per click!

Competition is what drives advertising costs up. If your niche is changing spark plugs on a 1989 ford truck, your clicks would come with a very low payout. This is because nobody is bidding high on that niche because there is little (if any) competition.

Now lets say your niche is make money online, tons of competition! Your clicks are going to make you serious money. Only one problem, tons of competition for you as well. Other Adsense enthusiasts now about this to and are going to target high paying niches.

So how do you make a lot of money from a highly competitive niche?

You have to be better than your competition. It may be very difficult to dominate highly competitive niches but the payoff will be very high. If you could make a decent stand in the making money online niche, you would be making thousands monthly in no time!

How To Dominate A Competitive Niche!

Get ready for the $$$!

Dominating a highly completive niche can be very difficult and require many hours of tedious work. Many people stick with less competitive niches, but that is why they make three bucks a day and I make tens of thousands a month!

Recommended reading!: There is a great e-book called "10 Real Adsense Secrets". I read this book a long time ago and it really catapulted my Adsense revenue through the roof! I highly recommended it to any one trying to make money with Adsense!

Check Out "10 Real Adsense Secrets" Here! (Highly Recommended!)

To take over highly competitive niches, you have to become an expert. The internet is all about unique content. If you have great unique content, you will be well on your way to making the big bucks.

Advertising is a big part of it to. If your Adsense site is properly optimized and your click through rate is high enough, you can use pay per click advertising to drive people to your site. This works really great but takes time to learn. It can be risky if are new to it. Luckily for us, Google lets us put a daily budget so we do not spend more than we want to.

Building a reputation helps a lot. If you help people with good information and they enjoy your site, they will advertise for you. They will tell their friends and maybe post something in a forum.

How To Optimize Your Adsense Page!

More clicks = more $$$

Many things can effect your click through rate. Some of the big things are ad placement, color scheme, and relevancy. While there are other things, these are the three big ones.

Ad placement can drastically effect your click though rate. When someone visits a website, there eyes move from the top of the page to the right hand side. These are the ideal places to place your ads. I see tons of sites with ads only on the bottom of the page. These ads get a very low click though rate because people do not pay attention to them.

The color scheme can destroy your Adsense revenue if you are not careful. You do not want your ads to stand out to much. Make the background and border the same color as your page. This will make them seem less like ads and increase your click through rate.

Relevancy is the key! Without relevancy, there is no point in trying to make more money with Adsense. I see people stuff profitable niche words on there page and wonder why they are getting no clicks. If you stuff the keywords "make money" and your page is a boating, nobody interested in boating is going to click an add about making money. Sure, boating may not be as profitable as making money but at least you will get a good click through rate!

What To Do Now!

Make the $$$...

With these tips alone you can make a stand with Adsense and start seeing some really decent money coming in. If you really want to see the big bucks! I highly recommend "10 Real Adsense Secrets". It is a really great e-book that will give you the insight needed to really do something with Adsense!

My biggest tip! Go do something! So many people have the knowledge but do nothing with it. The only limit on how much you can make with Adsense is how bad you want it. Do not just sit around and do nothing... Get out there and make more money with Adsense now!