Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Apple's January Media Event May Take Us Back to School

As MMi reported Monday, Apple is rumored to be planning one of its always-eventful media events to take place near the end of January in New York City.

According to the initial buzz, there were few clues with regard to the nature of Apple's event. Unfortunately, there was no indication that Apple would be raising the curtain on a new or refreshed product. All signs, in fact, now point to Apple's event (and announcement) being education-based.

According to Fox News journalist Clayton Morris, should an Apple event ultimately unfold in the Big Apple, it will likely be centered around iTunes U and new developments with regard to education and digital textbook publishing.

"The event will be in New York rather than in the Silicon Valley," Morris says, "because New York is more centrally located for textbook and publishing."

"I expect at least two large project announcements as they relate to Apple in education," he adds, saying further that "Steve Jobs was intimately involved with this project before his passing. He gave a hat tip to the textbook side of this project in the Isaacson biography."

Stay tuned.

Source: Clayton Morris